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The Technology is getting advanced every hour, every minute every moment. With this advancement, there is a need to remain updated with changing world. We aim to provide best knowledge with special focus on SMEs & MMEs enterprises. We also aspire to nurture engineering students and make them ready for the professional world.

At Breval Consulting Services, we believe in excellency with values. We are a strong team of skilled & enthusiastic minds, willing to work in any type of environment to bring the change.

Our Products at Breval Consulting Services are lean management solution, 5S tools, Red Tags, Red tag register, 5S Posters, 5S games, 5S labels and pegboards with holes and slots.
Value added products:
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Value added services:
Technical Utility Software tools
Audits and surveys
Reliability Management
Reliability Tools Viz. FMEA, FTA, STA
Root Cause Analysis
Maintenance System Modelling
Value Stream Mapping
Data compilation and analysis
Digitization of documentations
Industry Specific Problem Resolution
Strategy Formulation & Deployment
Total Productive Maintenance Deployment
FIVE S Deployment
KAIZEN Effectiveness
Quality Support
Lean Management

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