If you :

  1. Want to work in peaceful office environment
  2. Have a small start up and need space for sitting
  3. Want to explore ideas with your friends and need a place to work upon
  4. Have feed up from work from home

Please reach out to us. We provide co working space with following amenities:

  1. Comfortable co working sittings
  2. Flexible sitting hours
  3. Lockers
  4. High Speed internet
  5. Meeting Room
  6. Lounge area
  7. Tea/Coffee
  8. Seminars/Events


Items13 Days/Month8 Days/MonthFull Month (Individual)Full Month (Team of 2)Full Month (Team of 4)
Access to community EventYesYesYesYesYes
Access to loungeYesYesYesYesYes
Free Use of WifiYesYesYesYesYes
Meeting room access1 hour1 hour2 hour2 hour2 hour
Tea/Coffee1 per day1 per day1 per day1 per day1 per day
Prints (Black & White)55101010
Welcome kit (mug with breval logo)YesYesYesYesYes

Virtual Office

Price: Rs. 900

AmenitiesFull month access
1 Day complimentry accessYes
dedicated lockerYes
mail & Courier HandlingYes
Office AddressYes

Other Facilities

Other FacilitiesPrice
Day PassRs. 250
Locker AccessRs. 300/Full month
Meeting Room Access(For Non-Members)Rs. 250/Hour
Meeting Room Access(For Co-Workers)Rs. 200/Hour
Library PassRs. 250 / Per month (Any no. of book can be issues, 1 book at a time)
Print out1 per page

Co working Space FAQ

Is co-working space free?

No, co-working space can used by individual to do their own work without investing in his own office. At co-working space all the necessary facilities are provided. The provided space with office amenities are on chargeable basis. Charges are mentioned above as per package selected & facilities taken.

Is co-working space a good idea?

Yes, it is a good idea because it do not require highly investment for office in a city like Surat. So, for those who just started their own work, they can use co-working space.

How do co working spaces work?

It is concept in which a sitting space is provider to co worker with all office facilities. The facilities like high speed internet, printer, projector, locker, meeting room, tea/coffee etc. As per the facilities consumed by co worker, minimal amount will be charged.

Who work in coworking spaces?

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, employees, employer, graduate students can use co working space for their work.

What makes a good co-working space?

However a good co-working space is one, where you feel office like environment. You will able to interact with others working in different segments. As all facilities are provided so one can work without engaging in useless activities.

Do visit us or reach out to us.