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      5S Structure


      5S is a systematic approach for managing workplace. Encouraging ownership and self discipline to sustain and further develop working practices. It aims to :-
      • Remove waste from the workplace.
      • Increase quality.
      • Increase Productivity.
      • Makes abnormalities immediately visible.
      • High Impact With little or No Cost
      • Standardize the work flow.
      • Develop base for implementation of other lean tools
      • Improve Safety.
      • Provide an environment where continuous improvement is embraced.
      • Boost Morale of team.
      • Results in continuous improvement

      The Steps of 5S

      ›Seiri – Sort (Clearing)  - clearly separating necessary from unnecessary, and remove unnecessary items. ›Seiton – Set in order (Configure)  - visually arrange and identify items for ease of use and retrieval ›Seiso - Shine & Check (Clean & Check)  - keep the workplace clean (not pretty) to allow problems to be identified ›Seiketsu - Standardise (Conformity)  - continually monitor the level of clearing, organising and cleaning ›Shitsuke - Sustain – (Custom & Practice, Consensus)   - work towards a shared set of values regarding clearing, organising and cleaning
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       R L Kumar