LeanKia-A Way to Efficient System

LeanKia is platform where any organization viz. industry, offices, schools etc. can streamline their processes & improve efficiency of the system thereby saving time and money. The application has following features.


  1. LeanKia helps in implementing Red Tag system, which is starting of 5S implementation in any company.
  2. LeanKia further support in implementing other steps of 5S.
  3. LeanKia provides facility to add all assets of any company with details like manual, procedure etc. & further build on testing plans.
  4. LeanKia automate scheduling of tasks to be performed on any asset.
  5. LeanKia helps in planning of the tasks on daily basis.
  6. LeanKia provides platform for providing ideas, thereby implementing kaizen system in company.
  7. LeanKia provides support for digitization of documentation, which can be assessed from anywhere.
  8. LeanKia can further provide customized facility for tracking production in daily basis.


  1. Automate Manual Tasks
  2. Saves Time and Money
  3. Easy to plan and track activities
  4. Easy implementation of 5S
  5. Easy reporting of data
  6. All documents can be accessed from anywhere.
  7. Build transparent & motivated culture in department
  8. Improves efficiency and productivity.
  9. Can work with Android, ios and web browser
  10. Standardization od daily jobs.

LeanKia further can support in many other ways for helping in smooth functioning of department

Leankia has a workflow to suit hierarchy of departments. Reports can be generated and shared very easily.

leanKia is very economical solution for catering to daily need of any company. This is coming with free one month trial. Please register to get your free trial.

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