5s Training, Audit & Consulting 

We provide end-to-end service, training, and material for the implementation of 5S with a very structured approach.


High-quality 5s Solutions for Industries

5S Training

We provide training in lean 5S concept for all levels from the shop floor to junior management, middle management, and top management.

5S Audits

We audit the workplace and audit for 5S. We furnish reports with gaps and actionable recommendations for improving 5S.

5S Consulting

We provide 5S consultation which includes training, auditing, and guiding the team to implement 5S in their department/company. We provide continuous support throughout implementation and after implementation.

Workshop/ Production/ Assembly Line

1. 5S helps in streamlining daily jobs in the workshop.
2. Improves tools management, Scrap management, safety culture, etc.
3. Improves the work environment and motivates the team.

Offices/Schools/Colleges/ Hospitals

1. Improves visual management.
2. Helps in the immediate and accurate transfer of information in a very simpler way.
3. Improves file management, documentation, safety, etc.
4. Improves the work environment and motivates the team


1. Helps in the proper structuring of inventory storage with proper retrieval.
2. Reduces search time required for issuing any item
3. Improves Visual management & Safety culture
4. Improves work environment and motivates team