Calibration Testing Service 

We provide service for preventive, predictive & breakdown maintenance of instrument assets in any type of industry.


Calibration Testing Solutions for Industries

Calibration of Field instruments

We provide services for the calibration of smart/non-smart instruments like transmitters, switches, control valves, trip amplifiers, control cards, analyzers etc.

Testing Services

We provide service for testing of MCB, Power Supply units and other panel components.

Predictive Maintenance

We support predictive maintenance of instruments like thermography of panels, Field rounds for condition monitoring, field survey for inspection of instruments, structure, cable, cable tray etc

Routine Maintenance

We take up annual contracts for preventive maintenance activities which include deputing technicians and engineers for PM & calibration of field instruments, Instrument panel devices etc.

Shutdown Maintenance

We provide skilled technicians and engineers for shutdown maintenance activities like dropping and installation of instruments, cable laying & terminations, loop checking, calibration etc.

Project Installation and
Commissioning Support

We provide skilled technicians and engineers for the installation of instruments, cable laying and terminations, calibration, panel installation, & commissioning.