Instrumentation Engineering Services

We provide support in designing instrumentation as per process parameters, and applications, provide the required design documents for procurement and provide support for procurement of instruments.


High-quality Instrumentation Engineering Services for Industries

Instrumentation Design/Sizing

We design the instruments as per datasheets and recommend the type of instrument required.


We provide integrated instrument & process datasheet


We support in procurement of instruments from OEM/Vendor as a single point contact thereby reducing project time.

Process/Chemical Plants

1. We study the process requirement and design instruments for long-term reliability and availability.
2. We support in procurement of instruments as single-point contact thereby reducing project time.

Power Plants/Paper

1. We design systems like vent filters, sump level control, burner management, etc.
2. We design Logic for operation, and instrumentation required.

Manufacturing Industries/Assembly line/Machine

We design the instrumentation related to these industries and provide support for procurement.