Asset Management Service 

We support in studying the installed instrument assets and developing long-term asset health plans for reliable operation.


Asset Management Solutions for Industries

Life Cycle Analysis for Instrumentation assets

Data gathering of all instrument assets, study for the type of failures through FMEA study, analyze future spare availability, prepare life cycle plan with recommended action.

Preparation of Maintenance Strategy

Do FMEA analysis and strategize maintenance plan. Prepare maintenance budget and resource requirements.

Predictive Health Monitoring

As per FMEA prepare a road map for predictive maintenance, prepare standard maintenance procedures and checklists, and prepare a plan to automate certain things for predictive maintenance.

Routine Maintenance

We develop preventive maintenance philosophy through various tools and techniques, provide training to maintenance staff on various PM tools etc.

Predictive Maintenance

We develop plans for predictive health analysis of assets thereby taking proactive actions, we support alarm rationalization, SMP preparation, FMEA, LCP preparation, etc.

Upgrade Plan for Obsolete Assets

We study the present system, its market availability, spare support, repairing support, remaining life analysis, and spare analysis, and develop an upgrade plan for continuing reliability and availability of assets.