Are you tired of inefficiency creeping it your system and eating way your all money, time and energy?

Are struggling in implementing 5S in your company?

Are you wasting lot of time in finding documentation?

Are you wasting time in manual planning and scheduling?

Do you have system for idea generation and management?

Are you lacking open, motivated and efficient environment in your team?

LeanKia Platform provides you, what you need.

Supports in implementing 5S very effectively & Sustainable.

Automate your daily work.

Digitize information of all assets and equipments in your company

Digitize documents in your company and link with assets

Create future plans with customized checklists.

Manage Ideas from your team for continuous improvement.


Economical | Simple | Structured | Build Efficiency | Multi OS friendly

Build Teams | Improve Productivity, Safety

Are you willing to improve culture in your team?

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  1. Saves Time
  2. Automate Manual Activity | No need to maintain manual records ie register or excel sheets
  3. Access Information from anywhere.
  4. Build culture of teamwork in team.
  5. Support in implementation of 5S & reap its benefits

Red Tag System

Asset Database

Task Schedular


Lean 5S Red Tag
  1. Implement 5S effectively
  2. Digitize Red tags | Share with Team
  3. Reports | Track in real time
  4. Improve efficiency and effectivity
  1. Configure Assets
  2. Add digital documents for Asset
  3. Access from Anywhere
  4. No time waste in search of important documents
  1. Schedule and Automate Task.
  2. Track for completion
  3. Create Checklist, procedures.
  4. Real Time updates | Reports


  1. Create Culture of innovations and ideas
  2. Record all ideas of team
  3. Any employee can be give idea any time
  4. Review and tracking mechanism
Idea Kaizen

Right time to build Efficient, Effective & Innovative Team!
Improve Productivity and Profits!

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