Industrial Automation Service 

We provide services for automation of manual tasks, troubleshooting, programming, backup management service, and remote assistance.


High-quality Industrial Automation Service 


Automate Manual Tasks

We study manual tasks be it by humans, or machines, relay logic etc. we design automated systems and provide a complete solution for engineering, installation, and commissioning.


Annual Maintenance Service

We provide annual rate service for maintaining the existing control systems viz. PLC panels, Drives, DCS or other instrument panels. We also provide support for programming, troubleshooting etc. We also provide support for backup management for all control systems.


Remote Assistance

We provide support troubleshooting, logic development, design, and engineering from remote for speedy response.  

Machine Automation 

We design automation logic, sensor application, and automated machines like special purpose machines, compressors, pumps, Vent filters, Burner Management systems etc. & provide a complete solution

Process Automation

We provide a system for automation of process plants like petrochemical, paper, polyester, power, etc.

Fire and Gas or other
Safety System Automation

We provide applications related to safety systems like fire and gas panels, emergency shutdown systems, deluge valve automation etc.

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