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Vision of Breval Consulting services

To be the world leader, In providing affordable services in the field of engineering and technology. We will try to benefit the diverse section of the business ecology. We work toward collaborating in nation growth.

What Breval do:

At Breval Consulting Services, we aim to provide value-added services to our customers. This can be done by eliminating inefficiencies, reducing failures, improving reliability, optimizing cost, decreasing cycle time & improving employee satisfaction. We work closely with industries to help them identify opportunities for improvement & providing affordable solutions. Our aim is to develop skills, so as to help India develop & maintain reliable systems in industries.

Breval focuses on providing services in lean tools viz. 5S, Kaizen, VSM, etc. While working closely with clients, we aim for long-term solutions. We provide support for repeated failure analysis, Root Cause Analysis, etc. Which can improve reliability.

Why Us?

We have :
Dedicated team of Engineers.
Expertise from diverse background.
Good amount of industrial experience, to understand challenges better.
Equipped with latest tools & skill to implement.

Our Portfolio :

  1. We are into industrial automation. We do work in process plant, SPM, Power plants, Fire & Gas System, Emergency Shutdown System & Textile. We deals in various type of PLC, VFD, SCADA & HMI. Some of the make are like Siemens, Delta, Weintek, Phoenix, Wecon, Xinje, Rockwell, ABB, Schneider, Mitsubishi, LS etc.
  2. We can manufacturer of PLC/VFD/MCC/PCC based control panel, APFC, Elevator panels etc.
  3. We also have field instruments like sensor, solenoid valves, actuators etc.
  4. We provide Industrial Training(5S training, Industrial automation, Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation etc). We have 5S product also.
  5. We have IOT product’s with Breval make IOT device with integrated software for data monitoring & data logging.

We have a dream to grow as a nation by way of eliminating inefficiencies from business environment.

We believe in “Cultivating Efficiency, Building Organisation
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