5S Consulting Services

5S Structure tells about Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standalone & Sustain. It is an Japanese technique used to improve working environment at any place. It can implemented at offices, workshop, industry etc.

5S is a systematic approach for organizing and managing the workplace & work flow for improving efficiency and safety by eliminating wastes.

5S is the basic and very important tool for organisation, aiming for highly efficient & motivated work culture. This forms a platform for executing other lean management tools.

It may seems easy to implement but a structured approach is very important. We provide training support for practical implementation of 5S in a real environment. We also support real execution at shop floor. Sustainence is very important for any new system to have long term effect. We provide support for routine audits.

The training includes utility items/material required for implementation of 5S Consulting Services program.

Benefits of 5S program:

  1. Skill development
  2. Support during real implementation
  3. Routine audits to Sustain the results
  4. Utilities required for implementation will be provided free of cost.
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Introduction to 5S

Structure for workshop on 5S

Who can take benefit from this 5S Consulting Services program:

  • Any Manufacturing set-up
  • Small to large workshops
  • Office set-ups
  • Engineers/Managers
  • Senior executives who want to understand 5S
  • Value Stream Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Engineers
  • Environmental Health & Safety staff
  • Team Leaders/Front Line Supervisor
  • Office or Shop Floor Employees

Any set-up of manufacturing, repair, servicing, with small to large workspace, with a zeal to improve should partner. Engineers, Managers, or any other person looking For efficiency improvement in office should also contact us.

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