Workshop on 5S

5S Structure

Workshop on 5S

Effective & affordable 5S training

Structure of Workshop on 5S provided by Breval Consulting Services. The program is scientifically designed for cultivating awareness up to grass root level.

First Day 

Breval instructor & Company representative will discuss on following points:

  • Gemba Walk- Combined tour of facility
  • Instructor and CR select a pilot area
  • Organize participants into teams
  • Classroom training:
  • Apply Sort to Selected pilot area

Second Day

  • Review of Day-1 activities and Implementation Plan
  • Set in order
  • Ohno circle
  • Exercise – create a visual layout for all material and tools in pilot area
  • Shine
  • Exercise – design shine schedules and assignments for pilot area
  • Standardize
  • Exercise – create visual aids and standard work for the pilot area

Third Day

  • Review Day-2 activities and Implementation Plan
  • Sustain
  • Exercise – defining outstanding actions to complete pilot area
  • Auditing with checklist and tracking results
  • Prepare Story Board

The Workshop is full of examples, class room activity & field activity for accelerated learning experience.

Who can take benefit from this 5S Consulting Services program:

  • Any Manufacturing set-up
  • Small to large workshops
  • Office set-ups
  • Engineers/Managers
  • Senior executives who want to understand 5S
  • Value Stream Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Engineers
  • Environmental Health & Safety staff
  • Team Leaders/Front Line Supervisor
  • Office or Shop Floor Employees

Any set-up of manufacturing, repair, servicing, with small to large work space, with a zeal to improve should partner. Engineers, Managers, or any other person looking for efficiency improvement in office should also contact us.

The workshop is customized as per Client requirement. The duration & contents are designed as per training need of the client.

We provide affordable & effective training, which helps people for real implementation of 5S.
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