Join Club

Working together with common purpose is what build big bridges. We support you by facilitating activities required for successful journey of your intent.

You will be provided with following support:

  1. Members from diverse background
  2. Comfortable Sitting
  3. Meeting room for deep discussion
  4. Projector
  5. Lounge Area
  6. Tea/Coffee
  7. Printer
  8. Stationaries
  9. Flexible hours
  10. Co Working Environment

The existing clubs, which may be of interest are as below:

  1. E magazine publishing: This club include persons from diverse field with an intent to publish e-magazines. The group uses their time to research and provide value added content for sharing knowledge with the global readers. If you want to join this club, click here.
  2. Book Review Club: Boks are the best guide for our own personality development. We have a book review club where members review books every week & provide valuable insight. All members discuss & put forward their view points. This way the essence of the book is absorbed by everyone of them. If you want to join this club, click here.

If you have a purpose/idea in your mind and want to form a club, please reach out to us. We will also support you in getting members for your club. click here.