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BReSoft+ RT

Many small & medium scale industries face a big challenge related to inefficiency at work place. In view of less awareness & skill level, even identification of efficiency building opportunities or waste (in simple terms) is a challenge. Few of the major challenges faced in present days are as follows:

  • Less available Skill
  • Not so good Documentation
  • Lot of paper work
  • Less systems
  • In-efficiencies
  • Less Scheduled maintenance
  • Less Time Management

Small companies do not give importance to efficiency building & are more concerned on production. They, many times, tend to follow short term goals, rather than looking for long term solution. Thus, they ignore the big advantage in terms of time, efficiency, quality, money & even production.

These companies do not want to invest in high end software, that also may not be fully utilized in their application.

Breval consulting services, a pioneer in efficiency building thinking are have come up with simple, user friendly & efficiency building utility. As 5s is the starting point of any efficiency building or Lean initiative, the software BRESOFT+ RT has functionality for implementing the very first step of 5S ie. SORT. The utility called Red Tag System is built for this purpose. This helps in segregation, tracking & proper management of items at work place. The software also has functionality for other “S” of 5S lean tools like, set in order, shine, standardize & sustain. The software comes with a general purpose scheduler for routine or one time scheduling of any type of activity related to maintenance, shine, meeting, audits, etc. This also has centralized e-documentation module for centralization, digitization & systematization of documentation system, which is a back bone for any type company.

The software is coming functionality of various authorization logins, password facility, common server, mobile interface for red tag system, report generation, Auto reminder, auto mail etc.

The software is very easy, advantageous & economical to use.

BReSoft+ RT has capability of improving efficiency level of your company by atleast 50%

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