April 16, 2022

Thermography for Reliability Improvement

Predictive Maintenance is very important to identify the future family proactively and take action to prevent the same. There are many power components in control panels, electrical panels etc. These are: Power supply Terminations Cables MCBs & Contactors Control cards Relays & So on. The life of these components are dependent on various failure modes […]

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May 10, 2020 Project Internship - We are hiring

Current Opening

Android/IOS Mobile Application Developer Academic Qualification: BE/BSc in Computer Science/Information Technology. Experience: At least 1 year of Android/IOS application development experience or minimum 4 projects of Android application development. Job Type: Full Time/ Part Time Responsibilities and Duties – Design and Build advanced applications for the Android/IOS Platform. – Hands on experience in core java. […]

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June 30, 2019

Fire Safety at Your Place

Fire safety is very important aspects for any residential and commercial buildings. All these buildings have enough fuel in terms of wooden furniture, oil, Diesel, cloths, LPG etc. Any fire needs 3 things to ignite, ie. Fuel, Oxygen (Air) and Spark. Fuel and air are always available, and spark probability is always there. Thus, unfortunate […]

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July 11, 2018 pegboard for handicraft

Top Seven Must-to-do Things for Efficiency Improvement

Efficiency can be defined as amount output derived from inputs. it is directly linked to resource optimization. Today business environment is very competitive & cost of product plays vital role in driving sales. Let’s discuss top Seven Must-to-do Things for Efficiency Improvement. The cost of production is depended on raw material, labour, overheads etc. The […]

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