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5S Nuts and Bolts Game

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5S Nuts and Bolts Game

The item will include DVD & instruction booklet.

Very effective items for explaining importance of 5S in workplace


5S Nuts and Bolts Game

5S Nuts Bolts Game is a simple and effective training 5S exercise/game. This helps participants to understand the importance of good workplace organization. Hands on exercise are much more powerful than classroom training. They can see for themselves how “5S Workplace Organization” impacts their work – time, quality and cost.

Intent of the game: To help students understand the importance of good workplace organization on the way we work, and how it impacts time, quality, and cost.

Estimated time for exercise: 15-20 minutes.

Includes: nuts and bolts & instructions.

Additional item(s) needed: stopwatch, flipchart and marker (not included)

5s Implementation kit is available for buying.
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