LS ELECTRIC Co. Ltd 4ch RTD input PN: XBF-RD04A


Make: LS Electric


Description:  4ch RTD input


No. of input channel: 4 channels
Input sensor type: PT100 JIS C1604-1997; JPT100 JIS C1604-1981 , KS C1603-1991
Temperature input range: PT100 -200 ~ 600℃ ; JPT100 -200 ~ 600℃
Digital output: PT100 -2000 ~ 6000 ; JPT100 -2000 ~ 6000
Scaling display: 0 ~ 4000
Accuracy; Normal temp.(25℃)
Within ±0.3%: Full temp.(0~55℃) Within ±0.5%
Conversion speed: 40ms / channel
Insulation – Channel to Channel: Non-insulation
Terminal to PLC Power: Insulation (Photo-Coupler)
Terminal block: 15-point terminal block
I/O points occupied: Fixed type: 64 points
Wiring method: 3-wire
Max. number of equipment : 7 (when using XBM(C)-DxxxS type) 10 (when using XB(E)C-DxxxH type)
Function – Filtering Digital filter (160 ~ 64000ms)
Alarm: Disconnection detection
Current consumption: inner DC5V 100㎃; external DC24V 100㎃
Weight 63g


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LS Electric programable logic controller expansion card.


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