5S Utilities Mind the Step

Mind the step

Size: 200 x 300 mm

Vinyl, Self-Adhesive

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walk carefully: Mind your step, it’s wet there.
behave or act carefully: You’ve got to watch your step with Simon. He gets angry very quickly.

The Mind The Step Sign comes in various sizes, depending on where it’s used. Here are a few options:

  1. 75 x 100 mm: This size is commonly used for indoor applications. It’s compact and easy to place near steps or staircases to warn people of potential hazards.
  2. 165 x 65 mm: Another small descriptive sign, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  3. 50 x 200 mm: A caution sign specifically stating “Caution Mind the Step.” This size is commonly used in workplaces and public areas to alert people to steps or level changes.



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