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First Aider Badges, Circular 58mm, with Pin & Magnet- 5 nos


First Aider Badges, Circular 58mm, with Pin & Magnet- 5 nos

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Introducing our 58 mm Circular Pin & Magnet Badge: the perfect accessory for first aiders! This versatile badge combines functionality and style, allowing you to proudly display your commitment to first aid while having the flexibility to attach it to your clothing or any magnetic surface.

Crafted with attention to detail, our 58 mm Circular Pin & Magnet Badge is made from durable materials to ensure longevity. Its sleek circular design catches the eye, making it an attractive addition to your attire. Whether you’re a professional first aider, a volunteer, or simply passionate about helping others, this badge is a must-have.

With the convenience of both a pin and a magnet, you have options for how to wear or display your badge. Attach it securely to your clothing using the pin, ensuring it stays in place throughout your activities. Alternatively, use the strong magnet to affix it to your uniform, fridge, locker, or any other magnetic surface, making it easily visible and accessible.

Not only is this badge a symbol of your dedication to first aid, but it also serves as a conversation starter. Its distinctive design is sure to attract attention and spark discussions about the importance of being prepared to offer assistance in emergencies.

Invest in our 58 mm Circular Pin & Magnet Badge today and showcase your commitment to first aid. Join the ranks of dedicated first aiders who proudly wear this badge, spreading awareness and inspiring others to get involved. Remember, safety starts with you, and this badge is a testament to your readiness to help when it matters most.


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