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Lean 5S Red Tag – 50


Set of 50 numbers, 3″X6” Red tag, with eyelet,

used with red tag log register



Red tags are used for Sorting Step while implementing 5S tool. These are used to identify the unnecessary items at workplace. The Red tags has printed format that tells every thing about the item. Anyone can see the details at any point of time. The tag has field of all the details regarding the equipment & action that is to be taken. Also, the tag has field for entering Log no., which is the entry no. into the log register. The Red Color gives visual effect that something is pending for removing from workplace.

The Red tag system improves efficiency of the workplace by identifying & removing wastes.

The Red Tags are used with Red Tag Log register to keep track of pending red tag items.

The Red tag system needs decision for which item is to be scrapped, which is to be preserved, which is to repaired etc. We also have handy poster for decision tree, which can be sticked in work area for reference.

5S is very important & effective tool for improving efficiency at grass root level in an industry. The main advantage is that the tool makes very thing organised & Any defect easily visible. Once Defect is visible, this can be acted upon.

Set of 50 leafs of red tags,

Size: 3″X6”, Color:  Red ,Prewired with 12” long wire ties.
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