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Poster-Red Tag Decision Tree

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Size: 12″ X16″ , Vinyl print, Water proof, Peel & Stick type


Poster-Red Tag Decision Tree 

Size: 12″ X16″ , Vinyl print, Water proof, Peel & Stick type

Set of 2 at price Rs. 280
Posters are very important media for spreading awareness in any organisation. These posters are designed to emphasis on importance of 5S concept, which is the building block efficiency building process. This poster helps in SORT process while implementing 5S.

The poster provide guidelines for putting red tag while implementing Sorting step of 5S. The information is represented in tree type flow chart, such that any person can readily understand and take decision.

The poster can be just peeled & stick to any surface.

In few case, the sticker can be sticked on ply & then screwed to supports, wall as required.

Red Tags & Red Tag Log Register are also used to implement Red Tag system in company.

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