We are hiring final year, freshers, experienced engineers as electronic and software project interns at surat. Interns will be allotted projects based on their skill and expertise. The project will be reviewed on timely basis and further guidance will be provided from time to time.

Academic Qualification/ Experience:

  1. Electronic Engineer or Computer Engineer or Information Technology Engineer
  2. Additional Preferred skill: electronic hardware design, Mobile Application development
  3. Experience required: Final Year/Fresher/1 to 2 years


  1. Work from Home
  2. Stipend will be given during the project period
  3. Experience Certificate will be given
  4. Successful candidate will be considered for permanent job.

How to Apply:

Interested candidate shall sent their resume on info@breval.co.in .

Ask anything About 5S

With our long term vision for improving efficiency of Indian industries, we provide online 5S client support, for benefit of all industries. As, the main intent of this is to spread awareness, the Service is provided free of any cost.

Any industry, or any person facing problem for implementing 5S or any other efficiency challenge can directly contact our online support team.

Modes of Support:

Email: Dedicated email id for customer/ client support is support@breval.co.in . We can be contacted any time through mail. Our expert team will revert you back with support solution with in 24 hours. This is service is available on all week days.

Phone Call: Dedicated phone no. is assigned for tele-support on any issues relating to 5S implementation. 4 hour slot is dedicated for tele support services. The free tele-service is available on Saturday 11:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs &15:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs. Call 9971467155.

Skype support can be made available in case of any special requirement.

Online 5S Client Support will help in spreading knowledge and awareness across industries.

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