In any company the productivity of team vastly depend on prevailing work culture. We can have plethora of knowledge & skill among employees, but if they do not work as team with common objective, Success will always be at a distance. This becomes a challenge to bring all the individuals together & knit them into a team. Five Challenge of Changing Work Culture faced by the leader are as follows:

  1. Mindset: The environment in which they trained has vast impact. bad habits require large efforts to go. They do not acknowledge the change & their benefits.
  2. Feeling of insecurity: Change is not easily accepted as they always have feeling of loosing their command on exiting system. Also, they feel that their monopoly will be broken.
  3. No clear Vision : The vision of the company is not clear. The vision of the company shall drive the efforts of team. If vision is not clear, the efforts of each individual will go in different direction.
  4. Ideas not accepted: Many times management does not ask or accept ideas from all section of company & one or more section felt left out. The involvement of each section is very important, as ideas can come from anyone. Also, the team will feel motivated & involved. Simplest tool for idea management is Kaizen.
  5. Lack of Skill upgrade: The team is not given training on latest tools, technique available & their vision remain within boundaries of their experience till now.

A cultured change is required to bring the team together, only then we can unleash the power of one strong closely knit team with common focused goal.

#Five Challenge of Changing Work Culture

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Efficiency can be defined as amount output derived from inputs. it is directly linked to resource optimization. Today business environment is very competitive & cost of product plays vital role in driving sales. Let’s discuss top Seven Must-to-do Things for Efficiency Improvement. The cost of production is depended on raw material, labour, overheads etc. The way any company uses these resources derive the final cost of product. There are many tools available for using these resources more efficiently. Seven mostly used & simple tools are summarized as below:

  1. Visual Management: The items placed at workplace should talk to us. few examples are:
    1. The instruction board on machine should tell how to operate, what alarms to look for etc.
    2. The color coding should tell which cylinder has which gas.
    3. The production board should tell, target for the day, week or month & status and so on.
    4. Posters with information on risk, procedures etc.
    5. Labels like Hold, Out of Service
  2. 5S: This is the basic tool which is based on principal that, the work place should be clean, sorted, standardized, Systematic & sustainable.  The terms are common to many industries viz. Sort, Set-in-order, Shine, Standardize & Sustain. Utlities like shadow boards, Peg boards are very helpful for organizing the work place. Red tag system is the starting of 5S in a company. Small 5S kit are available for start the 5S journey & feel the benefits of it’s fruits. 2-inch Metal Peg Board Shelving Hooks | 50-Piece Pack|
  3. Kaizen: Suggestion are nobody’s monopoly and can come from any level in organisation. Every Suggestion has to be treated with due respect. Culture shall be created to invite and motivate the whole team to contribute with ideas. These ideas shall be evaluated & awarded to get the system going. Small improvement in system result in continuous improvement. Simple Suggestion box & formats are only required to begin the kaizen system.Suggestion Idea Box kaizen implementation
  4. Safety Culture: Safety is not directly linked with production but any unwanted accident can result in loss of asset, life & reputation & has potential of completely shutting down the business.
  5. Skill Development: Skill is a diminishing inventory if not used & upgrdaed with time. Thus, two things are very important. One is to use right skill at right place at right time, otherwise this will got wasted. Other is to continuously upgarde the skill level to be in pace with changing requirement. Inhouse training should also be given to team for refreshing the concepts.
  6. Integration of Information Technology: IT has got in to every sphere of life, be it industry or society. A company shall use IT to leverage its power to make the systems more efficient. Data capture & analytics has become a big thing in today’s scenario. If a company is not on internet, it is lacking share of market to it’s competitors.
  7. Seven Basic Quality Tools: These Seven quality tools include cause and effect, Check sheet, control chart, Histogram, Pareto chart, Scatter Diagram & Stratification. These are most basic tools which should be applied to work environment to identify the root cause & design solution.

These are only few of the tools which are very important to bring up the efficiency of any company’s work environment.

#Top Seven Must-to-do Things for Efficiency Improvement

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Parkinson’s Law:

This Law says, work expands to fill the time available for it’s completion.
This is human nature to be at ease, if you had large amount of time available for doing a particular job, & work with full vigor, in case, you are falling short of time. The only thing matter is target date of completion. On many occasion we have more time then required. Instead of wasting that time, we shall use it in a wise way to be more efficient. We can take advantage of that extra time in many ways. Few of them are discussed as below:

How to take advantage of Parkinson’s Law:

1. Chop your tasks into chunks, and force you to set a specific timetable for accomplishing them.We can not eat an elephant in one go. Its wise to cut the big task in to pieces & set defined target to finish each task. This will keep track of all the activities & alarm when ever any critical activity is going behind schedule.
2. Make a rule to do mandatory, XYZ activities before 10 am & set fix period for remaining job. These activities are done daily without fail. Thus we shall give priority to these activities before proceeding to the long running tasks.
3. Stop working late & manage all activities within office times.If we are working late, we shall analyse & ask “why” we need to stay back in office. We shall be efficient enough to manage all task within office hours. We shall preserve after office hours for personal life. work life balance is very essential for managing stress in challenging environment.
4. Limit tasks like responding to email/Social Networking to thirty minutes a day.Social networking viz. facebook, watssapp, twitter is eating away chunk of time without adding any value to our life. We shall be very careful & use these things very carefully & in way that, time shall not be wasted.
5. Fill in time gaps with filler tasks like following ups, feed reads, Email checking, planning other day etc.Learning is never ending process. We shall keep on learning by way of reading, doing, certifications etc. The time, which we get in between shall be used for adding value to ourselves.

parkinson law

Affordable Lean 5S Workshop Surat

Efficiency building is very important in today’s scenario where we are surrounded by various distraction & has to face tough competition for success. With the aim to build efficiency & quality habit, we are organising Efficiency Building through Lean 5S workshop at surat. We are on a mission to bring out outmost quality and efficiency at lowest cost, thus we work on less or no margin at all.
This workshop is organised at very affordable cost of Rs. 1000 per person.
The workshop is planned on 26th November, 2017 at surat. Final Venue will be communicated 1 week before workshop.

The work shop will cover  Efficiency Building tools, Lean 5S, application of Lean 5S in work culture, 5S for efficient life, 5S games

Each participant will be provided with Certificate.

Who should attend:

  1. Shop floor workmen.
  2. Engineers, Managers
  3. Students with aim to utilize time effectively
  4. Any person who want to improve his work efficiency.

5S utilities like 5S red tags, 5S posters, Red tag log book, 5S e book, 5S flyer, Pegboards, peg board’s Hooks etc. will be available on demand.

Limited seats. Please register yourself immediately. 

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5S Industries Audit- Click, Send & Audit

Audits are very important for identifying gaps & action points for improving further. Audits require large amount of time & engagement of shop floor people. Improvement does not come in a day, but this is long term process achieved by taking small steps continuously. Audits are normally done physically at the shop floor, reviewing the facility, interacting with people at shop floor, reviewing the document etc. This is the most suitable way of doing audits. Such audits take large amount of time for coordination, travelling, interactions, Reviewing of documents etc. All this time Shop floor person or coordinators remain engaged with the auditors.

The new innovative way of doing 5S audit is eAudit. This is a way of doing audit with minimum inputs. eAudit require less time & money of client, but has power to achieve atleast 50% of result of physical Audits. eAudit is carried out in following steps:

  1. Following Information is provided from the auditing agency.
    1. Feedback on questionnaire
    2. Good quality photographs & videos of the facility.
  2. Brief Interaction over phone
  3. Submission Audit report to client.
  4. Clarification of any query by client, through mail, phone, video conferencing.

Scope: 10 nos. of photographs.

Delivery of report: 7 working days

Benefits of eAudit:

  1. Requires Less time
  2. Require Less engagement by client
  3. Less Costly
  4. Something is better than nothing.
  5. Process Improvement
  6. Qualified team of professionals work on the details provided.
  7. Simple as click, send & get audited

Payment mode:

For customers from India (Rs. 4000) click here for payment.

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After Making payment, send transaction details to with subject “5S audit”.

5S Industries Audit- Click, Send & Audit:- This is an innovative way of doing audit :

एक कदम निपुणता की ओर

As all India has united to full fill dream of “स्वच्छ भारत”, we have dreamed of “निपुण भारत”, i.e. Efficient India. The Motto “एक कदम निपुणता की ओर“ is very important for Make in India campaign. More than 70 % of all working population works in small & medium scale enterprise which combines bottom of the pyramid of industrial structure. Efficient manufacturing is of outmost importance to move towards growth & sustainability for everyone.

5S is the most basic & very vital lean tool for bringing efficiency in industrial environment. we shall strive hard in inculcating 5S as a habit in our team. This is not a rocket science & can be easily understood by the bottom most team member. Off course, this needs a dedicated effort to yield result.

Just to put it in a simple way

  • Sort says, remove, what is not required from your work place.
  • Set in order says, put things orderly.
  • Shine says, make every thing clean.
  • Standardize says, Frame set of instructions or rule, so that each member of team works in same way.
  • Sustain says, work for long term effect.

These are very simple things, which are getting ignored due to many reasons. With focus on production & profit, companies do not pay attention to 5S. As a matter of fact, Implementation of 5S can increase production, by removing in-efficiency from the system.

5S makes procedures & process very simple to operate. This has amplifying effect on the company. few benefits are as under:

  1. Inefficiencies are removed.
  2. Set of instruction helps in standardizing the job
  3. Easy to train new member in team. Less expenditure in training
  4. Reduce wastage in time due to non value added activities
  5. Motivates team towards excellence.

To achieve dream of golden India, we have to strengthen our basic structure so that we cultivate the habit of working efficiently, thereby focusing on producing more from less with excellent quality.

Let’s take a pledge for taking the first step ie. 5S towards building a stronger india
” एक कदम निपुणता की ओर”

We support the motive of एक कदम की निपुणता ओर, & provide services in field of 5S auditing, consulting & training at very affordable prices. Contact us for any kind of support & partner us in building an Efficient India.

Ask anything About 5S

With our long term vision for improving efficiency of Indian industries, we provide online 5S client support, for benefit of all industries. As, the main intent of this is to spread awareness, the Service is provided free of any cost.

Any industry, or any person facing problem for implementing 5S or any other efficiency challenge can directly contact our online support team.

Modes of Support:

Email: Dedicated email id for customer/ client support is . We can be contacted any time through mail. Our expert team will revert you back with support solution with in 24 hours. This is service is available on all week days.

Phone Call: Dedicated phone no. is assigned for tele-support on any issues relating to 5S implementation. 4 hour slot is dedicated for tele support services. The free tele-service is available on Saturday 11:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs &15:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs. Call 9971467155.

Skype support can be made available in case of any special requirement.

Online 5S Client Support will help in spreading knowledge and awareness across industries.

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