Lean 5S Photo Competition

Lean 5S Photo Competition

Do you have an eye for observation at work place!!!

Do you want to share your lean Skill!!!


We have an opportunity for you.

BReval believes in appreciating good work done in field of lean management. We are committed for efficiency building in industrial ecology. As part of our continuous endeavor towards efficiency improvement, we are organizing lean photo competition every month.

All enthusiast are invited to participate in this competition. One winner will be announced every month. Award gift & certificate will be provided to the winner.

Anyone can participate in this competition by following ways:

  1. Send photograph to email id, info@breval.co.in with subject ” Lean Photo- Month Year” eg. Lean Photo- June 2017 ” by 20th of any month. Nominal Fees of Rs. 50 is applicable for taking part in competition. Click here, to pay,.

Winner will be announced on 30th of every months.

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