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5S Pocket Flyer, Easy 5S Handout Booklet

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Size: 3″ X 6″, Type: 3 fold, Color: White, Writable,

5S explained in very simplistic manner, Space for idea writing available, POCKET CARRY.


5S Pocket Flyer, Easy 5S Handout Booklet

Flyers are very important media for spreading awareness about any topic in the team. These act as ready reference & can be used any time.


size – 3″ X 6″
Type: 3 fold
Color: White
5S explained in very simplistic manner
Space for idea writing availables

These flyers are designed to spread awareness of 5S to each member of the team. These can be carried in pocket. 5S steps are explained in very easy way. Ideas can come any time. Thus space is also provided writing ideas as soon as they come to our mind. This product is really worthy for the team & a step towards cultivating a efficient culture.

The set contains 10 no.s of flyer.

Other 5S utility Items doubles effect of result in on lasting impact. Such utilities are 5S Posters, Red Tags etc.
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