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Quick Guide- MUDA Identification & Ohno Circle

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The package consists of:

Quick Guide- MUDA Identification & OHNO Circle. 
MUDA checklist booklet with 50 copies.
Get Quick training & start Implementing. 


Quick Guide- MUDA Identification & Ohno Circle

Quick Guide- MUDA Identification & Ohno Circle. There are 7 kind of wastes in any type of industries. We need a strong eye to identify these wastes & work for improvement. Waste identification is not a one time exercise, but a continuous process. Waste is also called as MUDA in Japanese.

This document is a complete training document for shop floor people with an aim to train them on identification of waste. This gives an overview of type of wastes existing in an industry. This provides step by step procedure for doing MUDA/waste identification audit. This also explains the fields in MUDA checklist & provides definition for each. The observation technique called OHNO circle is also explained. The step by step procedure is briefed for real field implementation.

The Guide comes with checklist booklet, which can be used for real field implementation.

You can move one step towards lean management in  your company through this quick guide. Get feel of advantages it brings to the process.

Posters used for awareness are also available.

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