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Magnetic Key for Anti-theft Peg Hook-Lock

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  • Easy to use Magnetic Key for use with all kind of magentic Hook
  • Small enough to keep in pocket or hang from built-in keychain
  • Unlocks display hooks protected peg hook lock
  • Take off protective cap and bring key in contact with hook to open and release products for sale
  • Buy enough for you and your trusted employees (sold individually)
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Magnetic Key for Anti-theft Peg Hook-Lock

  • This Magnetic Key is used to open StopLocks, along with the new style of security hook that requires the stoplock key. This key is durable and is designed to be used as a keychain.  This magnet is very strong and should not be near credit cards or other magnetic strips.
    • Strong Magnetic Key allows you to remove the Stop Locks and unlock Stop-Lock style full security hooks
    • Comes with a cap to prevent the magnet from attaching to keys, etc.
    • Key is made to be used over and over
    • Always order a spare and keep in a safe place for emergencies
    • Includes key ring to be attached to the manager’s key ring to prevent unauthorized access

    Please note the actual lock will not be included with this item.  The red stop lock is sold separately.

Buy these security anti theft stop lock

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