Smart Manufacturing

IOT, Smart Manufacturing, Data Science, Dashboards, Python

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR or Industry 4.0) is the ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology. The way we manufacture is changing very fast. If we want to be competitive, we have to upgrade to new way of manufacturing. We help companies to make their system efficient and more productive by way of application of smart tools. We deal in following areas:

  1. Internet of Things
  2. Dashboard | Data Visualization
  3. Remote monitoring
  4. Automation of monotonous tasks
  5. Image Analytics & So on.

Following are few applications for implementing smart manufacturing

  1. Daily Diagnostics reporting, monitoring and analysis.
  2. Predictive and prescriptive analysis for machine health.
  3. Defect finding and elimination through through data modelling, image analytics etc.
  4. Employees productivity analysis.
  5. Non intrusive Component health monitoring through internet of things.
  6. Remote monitoring of critical process & safety parameters.
  7. Dashboards for Job monitoring and planning.
  8. Applications for asset condition monitoring, reporting, archiving, analysis & job planning
  9. Reliability & productivity Key performance Indicators real time update, monitoring through dashboards.
  10. List is never ending…

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This is the time to upgrade our systems and adapt to new normal of industry 4.0. Challenges are integral part of every job. We are here to provide solution Share your challenges with us.

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