एक कदम निपुणता की ओर

एक कदम निपुणता की ओर

एक कदम निपुणता की ओर

As all India has united to full fill dream of “स्वच्छ भारत”, we have dreamed of “निपुण भारत”, i.e. Efficient India. The Motto “एक कदम निपुणता की ओर“ is very important for Make in India campaign. More than 70 % of all working population works in small & medium scale enterprise which combines bottom of the pyramid of industrial structure. Efficient manufacturing is of outmost importance to move towards growth & sustainability for everyone.

5S is the most basic & very vital lean tool for bringing efficiency in industrial environment. we shall strive hard in inculcating 5S as a habit in our team. This is not a rocket science & can be easily understood by the bottom most team member. Off course, this needs a dedicated effort to yield result.

Just to put it in a simple way

  • Sort says, remove, what is not required from your work place.
  • Set in order says, put things orderly.
  • Shine says, make every thing clean.
  • Standardize says, Frame set of instructions or rule, so that each member of team works in same way.
  • Sustain says, work for long term effect.

These are very simple things, which are getting ignored due to many reasons. With focus on production & profit, companies do not pay attention to 5S. As a matter of fact, Implementation of 5S can increase production, by removing in-efficiency from the system.

5S makes procedures & process very simple to operate. This has amplifying effect on the company. few benefits are as under:

  1. Inefficiencies are removed.
  2. Set of instruction helps in standardizing the job
  3. Easy to train new member in team. Less expenditure in training
  4. Reduce wastage in time due to non value added activities
  5. Motivates team towards excellence.

To achieve dream of golden India, we have to strengthen our basic structure so that we cultivate the habit of working efficiently, thereby focusing on producing more from less with excellent quality.

Let’s take a pledge for taking the first step ie. 5S towards building a stronger india
” एक कदम निपुणता की ओर”

We support the motive of एक कदम की निपुणता ओर, & provide services in field of 5S auditing, consulting & training at very affordable prices. Contact us for any kind of support & partner us in building an Efficient India.

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