Five Challenge of Changing Work Culture

In any company the productivity of team vastly depend on prevailing work culture. We can have plethora of knowledge & skill among employees, but if they do not work as team with common objective, Success will always be at a distance. This becomes a challenge to bring all the individuals together & knit them into a team. Five Challenge of Changing Work Culture faced by the leader are as follows:

  1. Mindset: The environment in which they trained has vast impact. bad habits require large efforts to go. They do not acknowledge the change & their benefits.
  2. Feeling of insecurity: Change is not easily accepted as they always have feeling of loosing their command on exiting system. Also, they feel that their monopoly will be broken.
  3. No clear Vision : The vision of the company is not clear. The vision of the company shall drive the efforts of team. If vision is not clear, the efforts of each individual will go in different direction.
  4. Ideas not accepted: Many times management does not ask or accept ideas from all section of company & one or more section felt left out. The involvement of each section is very important, as ideas can come from anyone. Also, the team will feel motivated & involved. Simplest tool for idea management is Kaizen.
  5. Lack of Skill upgrade: The team is not given training on latest tools, technique available & their vision remain within boundaries of their experience till now.

A cultured change is required to bring the team together, only then we can unleash the power of one strong closely knit team with common focused goal.

#Five Challenge of Changing Work Culture

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